Lianchi old cellar

Lianchi old cellar

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Wudalianchi Lianchi Longtou Liquor Industry Co., Ltd. selects the domestic advanced mechanical liquor filling production line and adopts the high-tech brewing technology of Luzhou-flavor liquor, which has the unique style of rich cellar aroma, mellow and sweet, harmonious aroma and fresh aftertaste. The current production capacity is more than 6000 tons. The Lianchi Laojiao series of liquors produced by Lianchi Longtou Liquor Industry Co., Ltd., as well as various pure mineral spring liquors, have been exported to New Zealand, South Korea and other large and medium-sized cities at home and abroad, and are favored by friends at home and abroad......

1996 year

The company was established in

5000 ten thousand

Registered capital

6000 +Tons

Annual output

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New Ice Spring Wine

Alcohol content: 46% vol, capacity: 500ml, specification: 1 × 4 boxes/box, fragrance type: Luzhou-flavor type (excellent grade)

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  • Location
    Shuangquan Town, Wudalianchi City, with geographical coordinates ranging from 48 ° 30 ′ to 48 ° 51 ′ north latitude and 126 ° 00 ′ to 126 ° 25 ′ east longitude. It belongs to the continental climate of the cold temperate zone, with a unique natural environment and geological resources, and a rich variety of flora and fauna. It is a natural therapeutic environment with health and wellness value. Between 1719-1721, a volcano erupted and lava blocked the Baihe River, forming five interconnected lakes......
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  • Water
    The natural cold mineral water in the Wudalianchi area is one of the cold mineral springs, which has a drinking history of nearly a thousand years in Chinese folklore. The water body obtained through natural rock infiltration is called activated water. The Cretaceous mineral water layer, located 200 meters underground in the 880000 year old volcanic primitive forest, has a perennial temperature of around 0 ℃, pure water quality, and a strong mineralized taste.....
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  • Material
    The rice nurtured by local mineral soil and water is not only crystal clear, with full grains, but also has an oily texture, a soft and smooth taste, and a rich aroma. Boil Congee with milk like juice. Steamed rice is bright and fragrant. It will not regenerate after cooling.
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  • Technology
    Utilizing the advantages of the production area, cold mineral springs are used as the source of brewing water, organic rice is selected as the raw material, modern brewing equipment is fully utilized, and scientifically combined with base liquor. Iterative update of brewing techniques, with its own brewing advantages......
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Lianchi Laojiao Sales Hotline

Wudalianchi Lianchi Longtou Wine Industry Co., Ltd

Address: No.1, Longtou Village Industrial Park, Shuangquan Town, Wudalianchi City, Heihe City

Contact Phone:+86-456-6323959

Mobile:+86-18845691119     +86-18904565600


Warm tip: investment risk, join the need to be cautious


Lianchi laojiao service center will contact you as soon as possible

Address: No.1, Longtou Village Industrial Park, Shuangquan Town, Wudalianchi City, Heihe City

Customer service hotline:+86-18845691119     +86-18904565600 

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Warm tips:Investment risk, join the need to be cautious


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